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Hello, I am trying to use two screens with my 2gb DDR3 PowerColor Radeon HD 5450. I am running Windows XP, SP3. I have two monitors both with VGA inputs, 2 VGA cables and a DVI/m to VGA/f adapter, all tested and working. The graphics card has 3 outputs, a VGA, a DVI and a HDMI, the monitor plugged into the VGA works, but the monitor plugged into the DVI doesn't. I have tried enabling the second monitor in CCC, the screen goes black for a second and the monitor is still disabled, I have also tried enabling the second monitor in Display Probities, same result. I'm stumped, does anyone have any ideas what to do?
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  1. I really need help. Bump.
  2. Usually, and I'm not certain in your case since Powercolor has no manual available for any 54xx series cards, but typically only 1 Anaglog signal is allowed and the other montor must use digital, either dvi or hdmi.

    try running with only 1 monitor of the dvi and see if that works after a reboot. If so then plug in the vga and see if the dvi cuts out.
  3. Thank for the idea, I've tried that, it didn't work, I'm thinking the dvi port of my Graphics card is broken.
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    I really need help. Bump.


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