Mobo or PSU?

Hi, I'm having weird issues with my PC. Struggling to figure out what decided to kill it self.

PC specs are:
i5 2500K
Gigabyte GA-Z68AP-D3 (tried both Rev 1 and Rev 2)
HIS Radeon HD 7870
PSU Chieftec A135 800W modular

My current suspects are mobo and PSU.

(Rev 1)
The story is, I've purchased new PSU (Chieftec) to power my radeon. I've been using old Thermaltake 550W for couple of month, but system was showing signs of "hunger", especially with OCed i5 (BSoD during heavy loads etc).
So, with new PSU installed i decided to run stress test and fired up Planetside 2. After 5 minutes of being facerolled, my computer shut it self down. Only way to turn it on again was to turn off and back on the PSU and start it. The symptoms were: no video output from GPU (tried HD 3000 via HDMI, it worked), there was POST signal but PC was restarting it self as soon as it tried to load Windows. I've also found out that my radeon died, yay.
Things i did: reset BIOS, re-flash BIOS (since i could load BIOS), remove one memory stick, remove memory completely (it was beeping as it should), removed everything else not vital. Didn't help, so I changed my mobo to Rev 2 since i still had warranty.

(Rev 2)
The saddest part. First attempt was awful. Brand new mobo went into boot loop right off the bat, so i changed it again.
New one started just fine. Everything loaded and was working smoothly with updated BIOS (even tho through HD 3000). Then after 2 days of work, during render in max, it shut it self down again, just like the old one. This time mobo was stuck in boot loop (no POST or anything) never to recover.

So, my question is: what is trying to drive me mad, my mobo or PSU or both?
I've checked voltages on PSU, they were ok (12v, 5.01v, 3v).
Also I've read a lot of complaints that Gigabyte's Z68 are plagued by such problems (especially Z68AP-D3), but also one thing worries me that all this mess started after I installed Chieftec PSU. I've got my self XFX 850W as a backup, still didn't help to make this system work. Maybe next time its best to plug it in instead of Chieftec?

While I'm waiting for another Z68 (MSI this time), could really defective PSU cause all this mess? I was pretty sure todays (branded) units have some sort of protection against burning other hardware. Even so, everything else is alive except the GPU and mobo. CPU and RAM are working just fine.
Please help me to figure out what's going on, so i could return bad stuff for replacement along with dead GPU.

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  1. PSU Chieftec A135 800W modular
    Thermaltake 550W
    i am sorry to say this, both of them are crxp....
    you put your expensive cpu+mobo+ram+hdd at risk
  2. Well, Chieftec PSUs serverd me for long time. The one I had in my hackintosh server started showing wear after 5 years of 24/7 work. Though bad ones always out there.
    About Thermaltake I have no idea but worked so far.
  3. That's the one I have as a backup. But I'm wondering if i should use or return it back.
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