Computer boot but I cant see anything during windows loading

My problem is weird... I have 12 years of experience fixing computers, and my cousing bring me this acer laptop, the computer starts well in windows... but the screen is black all the loading windows phase... I cant even see acer logo or anything else... the problem is that I need to enter the bios but the screen is black... I mean if I wait until windows is loaded the first thing I can see is the welcome screen of windows... but nothing else... no acer logo, no bios options no even windows loading screen all black until windows starts...

I need to do a clean windows installation on the computer but Im not able because I cant see anything in the screen that is not windows.... I hope you can understand my problem... english is not my natural lenguage :P thank you very much
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  1. by the way the video chip is an nvidia 7000 mobile I guess the model of the laptop is an acer aspire 4520
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