Nvidia GTX 66M 2GB or GTX 670M 1.5 GB? :S help please

Sorry to bother you guys but im getting a new laptop and the graphics card choices has got me very confused!

I have narrowed it down to 2 options:

1. https://www.cyberpowersystem.co.uk/system/Xplorer_X7-7600_Notebook/

This one has the GTX 660M 2GB.

Also it has an SSD which is something I would like however I do want a future proof gaming machine so would like the better graphics card + was slightly worried that a bigger screen (17") might effect performance, I have no idea on that one tho :P

2. https://www.cyberpowersystem.co.uk/system/Xplorer_X6-9500_Notebook/

This one has the GTX 670M 1.5GB.

Now it may seem stupid because I assume the 670 beats the 660 but why is it a lower GB? surely 2GB beats 1.5GB? So confused by that!

Anyway, if you guys would be kind enough to look at both of them and tell me which is the better buy that would be amazing.

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More about nvidia 670m please
  1. I wouldn't worry about the difference in video memory(1.5gb vs 2gb) but I think the gtx660m is actually better than the gtx670m because its keplar based whereas the gtx670m is fermi based(last years technology)

    with that being said if you get the gtx670mx upgrade for extra $75, it should stomp all over the gtx660m.

    The size of the screen won't matter because both laptops have the same resolution(1920x1080), the physical size of the screen wont make any difference here.

    I'd probably choose the x7 because of its ssd(Makes your computing a lot more fun)

    But with a gtx670mx, the x6 would prove to be a more future proof gaming machine.
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    do you have any more questions?
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