How to install 7970

My graphics card has two 8pin ports as shown here

They gave me 2 of these (1x 8pin port and 2x male molex)

and this came with my PSU (3x female molex and 1 PCI-E)

Do I put both adapters in the graphics card and use 2 of my PCI-E to Molex? If so, there would be two other female molexes sticking out.

Sorry about the bad images.
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  1. Yeah, use those two molex connectors.

    First of all, what is your PSU!?

    Also, don't bump posts. Don't you guys read the forum rules? :heink:
  2. no bumping, especially after only 45 minutes!

    plug in the pci from your PSU, then plug two of the molex from your PSU into the adapter, and the adapter into your card.
  3. Sorry about the bumping.

    I noticed I have a 8pin PCI-E to 6+2pin that fits into the GPU. Will that work or should I do it with the molexes?
  4. XFX pro 750W PSU
  5. use the PCI-E connectors if you can
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