Is this good build ??

CPU- i5 3570k

Graphic- asus gtx680 direct cu ii top

Ram- 2x4gb corsair vengeance lp

Mb- gigabyte ga-z77x-Ud3h

Hdd- 1tb wd caviar black or 2gb seagate barracuda both 7200 64mb

Ssd- OCZ vertex4 128gb

Case-Haf 922

Cpu cooler- akasha venom voodoo ( im not hardcore overclocker)


PS XFX 80+ silver 850w

1. how is my build ?

2.second thing is i have problem about graphic card because on my country there is no stock on TOP version asus and msi lightning

what should i buy

1.go for asus gtx680 direct cu ii
2.gigabyte gtx680
3.go for this MSI N670 Power Edition 2GD5/OC G GTX670 2GB GDDR5 256 Bit or other 670's
4.other options ?? help me pls

3.gigabyte ga-z77x d3h or ud3h is there any big difference ?
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  1. Look into the 7970. But they might be similar prices where you are.
  2. i want nvdia so this is not option for me :( by the way thx for answer
  3. Why won't you even look at amd. They are a better option, at least they are in the US. I know that isn't true in some places. But I would go for the 670, because it is barely weaker for way cheaper.
  4. the 670 are a better bargan there only about 10 percent slower then a 680 at a lot less in price.
  5. the power supply is overkill

    and the gigabyte windforce OC graphics card is the one to get IMO
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