Upgrading some system, Budget build idea?

Upgrading a friend PC and he's got a $500 budget, he needs a Case, Mobo, CPU, GPU, PSU.

CPU:Intel Core i3 3220
Mobo:ASRock Z75 Pro3 LGA 1155
GPU:HIS Radeon HD 7850 1GB
PSU:Rosewill HIVE Series 550W
Case:Cooler Master HAF 912
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  1. great pick, did he have RAM/hdd already?
  2. Yeah he already has a HDD and I have loads of extra ram I bought when it was on a hell of a sell at Micro Center lol..
  3. A few things...

    cpu 122 mobo 85 that's 207.

    psu is 50 and case is 40 so that's 90.

    with 203 left for gpu, why not hd7870 for 200 or at the very least a 2GB 7850 for 172?

    In additon, while it's nice that the rosewill hive is modular, a 38A +12v rail is not particularly strong.

    Could get xfx 550w(seasonic built) with 44A +12v rail for 54 bucks. HAF 912 has cable management holes and space behind mobo tray for unused cables.

    Edit: Is the current copy of windows oem or retail? If retail all is good, but if oem it was tied to the first mobo installed on. New mobo may mean new windows copy.
  4. I have the OS covered, and With everything I picked out it came out to be $499.30, that's as close to his $500 budget i'm going to get without going over, I've already talked him into bringing it up another $50 doubt he'll go up anymore..
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