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Newbie Question about hooking up Live

Last response: in Components
January 22, 2002 7:51:24 PM

Hi sorry but this is a totally newbie question. I have a Sound Blaster Live card and there are 2 outputs for hooking up to speakers. I am a bit confused on which one to use. I have a 5.1 speaker system but the jack to connect to the sound card is only one jack. The sound card has 2 connections 1 for front and 1 for rear(correct?) Could I just put this one jack into the main connector of the sound card and be done with it? Or will I need to hook up speakers to this second connection to get rear sound. Any help would be appreaciated.
Thx in advance.
January 22, 2002 8:33:52 PM

If you only have one jack to your speakers, then it is most likely a digital connection. You'll need to find out what kind of cable it is.

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January 24, 2002 3:44:06 PM

If your speakers are miniplugs (looks like a headphone jack on the end), you will need to put it in the orange input on the far left (If you are facing the back of the computer). Then, click the little red plus sign directly above the main volume slider, then select digital output only.

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January 25, 2002 9:20:47 PM

"Newbie Question about hooking up Live"


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January 25, 2002 11:05:42 PM

Hi, thx for responding. What if when I check that Digital check box and the music mutes?