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I already have spare parts that I can put into a new system. I already have a gtx 680, corsair 850w psu, 8gb corsair vengeance memory, keyboard,mouse,monitors, and a case.

What i want to get is a cooler master 912 case, ASUS sabertooth or msi z77a gd65 motherboard, i7 3770k, and any good water cooling. The problem is I can only spend around $960 for these parts and I want them to already be assembled. I tried using a site like ibuypower, but the prices always get really close and always above my limit by about $100 because of shipping or forcing me to buy stuff that i don't need like a power supply or any of the items that I already have. I need help finding a vendor that would assemble these parts for me without forcing me to pay for extra stuff. I know that I can use tigerdirect or newegg to get the parts themselves for cheaper, but I simply do not have the time to assemble the computer myself and would like to find someone to assemble the new parts for me if possible.
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  1. You want them to already be assembled? Erm...

    On top of that, this is for gaming?

    Don't bother with an i7; the only advantage it has over an i5-3570k is hyperthreading, which games can't utilize. Also, you're overspending on the motherboard; you should only spend about $150 for that. (The sabertooth is an extreme waste of money anyways; it's a mid-range board for high-end prices, and all the thermal armor does is act as insulation and make the board hotter.)
  2. find a local store to do it. Local pc shops will assemble PCs and you don't have to buy it from them. Call around.
  3. i would see if there a local computer shop near your or a computer swap meet or show. if not if you know some frieds or teachers at the local tech school. see if they can assemble the pc for you for extra credit. if you can find a group of high school tech kids that could do it after school for extra credit. make sure you have extra case screws and some tye wraps for wire management. may cost you some soda and a few pizza. if not i would drop your build down to an i5 3570 and a cheaper motherboard to fix you build $$$$.
  4. I will put in the PSU,GPU, and ram myself. I want everything else to be assembled (only motherboard, cpu, and heatsink in a new case) i already have a hard drive and optical drive that i will install myself as well. I just want to skip the "pain in the ass" parts to install. I can go with the 3570k and I can go with w/e motherboard that won't die out on me or give me a hard time. With that said, which motherboard do you guys recommend considering the parts that i'm going to get with it?
  5. Also does anyone know of a good mid tower case that has a good amount of space for a Corsair 1200w psu?
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