All the usual suspects new build freezing

OK so first specs
AMD FX 8350 4GHz AM3+
Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3
Toshiba 1TB 7,200 RPM SATA 6.0Gb
SMART Series 850 Watt ATX Modular
Ballistix Sport 4GB DDR3-1600 x4
GeForce GTX 650 Ti 1024MB
Win 7 64 bit home was supposed to be premium retail but the box store gave me OEM.

10 went to load win it crashed during install

20 try again gets further the locks up
30 reboot it cycles threw bios screen a few times tehn freezes
40 ok odd start looking up on my phone for this issues reboot for giggle and wammo it really loads freezes on restart
50 ok pull out all but one card of ram
60 reboot see if i have a bad stick
70 goto 10 repeat 3
seems to be either all 4 rams are bad or something else is issue.
disconnect all peripherals leave in ram it gets almost all the way back to a complete install
freezes all is lost again.
read about odd issue with lan and turn it off in Bios windows installs.
toss in cd that came with mobo install drivers and such still good
shut down reconnect peripherals one at a time usb 3.0 seems to be an issue turn it off in bios instead of disconnect.\
boot up install driver for graphics card everything is good. shut it down again and turn on lan in bios.
boot up let it run about 5 minutes while i putz around and start to get some thing off of the internet. get ccleaner installed go to download AV freeze
reboot usb mouse and keyboard wont respond reboot turn off lan everything works for a few minutes then freeze again.
and that s how its been reboot and freeze sometimes with a few rounds of not even being able to get past start of windows loading screen sometimes just rebooting in a loop a few times then freezing. mem test froze the few times i could get to it.

What am i Missing here
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  1. take out all but one stick of RAM
    try again
    if that fails try a different RAM stick

    check the timings and voltages of the RAM
  2. new build..make sure you update mb bios first before you try and install the os and make sure is your running a ssd that it firmware it up to date. also check that the hard drive on amd sata port. on some mb there may be two chipsets. in the bios make sure sata ports are set to achi mode. with amd mb they dont read intel xmp profile. make sure for the install of windows for now you set the ram up at stock 1333 speed and timing. may have to go to the vendor web page for the timing and voltage.
    after windows is running fine run cpu-z and read the ram spd info and then change the ram speed in the bios and see if it stable.
  3. ok ram speeds all match board and card. updated bios. updated all windows and all drivers. went to install a game (good old civ 3) system froze. reboot things are fine for a while froze again. Attempt to add the second 1tb sata 6 drive tons of issues on start up. remove drive all is better. mildly stress test machine it seems ok. leave it running, go have dinner when i returned computer would not waken from hibernate or sleep mode. use ctrl alt del to restart machine . cycle twice no start third time around get a message saying that during hibernation some how my computer lost memory addressing (dafug?) i select option to attempt to recover it tries again and fails. tell it to dump memory and boot normal and everything is fine. I have turned off hibernate and sleep for now and im gonna load a torture test on for cpu and ram. any other ideas to find source of probelms aside form my own stupidity.
  4. try pulling 1/2 ram to see if it a qal issue with 4 stick of that ram and your mb.
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