HELP: Computer will not stay in hibernation!

I have a home build Win7 32bit system that had worked great for the past 1+ years. Suddenly the computer will not stay in hibernation mode.

It will come out of hibernation immediately in about 30seconds after it shuts down. This was the not case before. Yes, this happened while I was trying to install some new software, but I don't remember which one and I was not using "System Restore " feature. I went to computer's device manager and made sure all of the devices for which Power Management option is available has the option "Allow this device to wake the computer" unselected. So how can I fix this vexing problem. All software/OS are updated.

Any suggestions? :fou:
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  1. try clicking hibernate and then unplugging all peripherals from the system to see if that fixes the issue. Then if it does repeat this process after plugging in one device at a time until you find the one causing the problem. I've tried this before and it turned out it was my mouse :??: Got a replacement under warranty and everything was fine.
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