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i'd like to build a gaming pc and just wanted some advice from the good people here :)

these are the basic components i'd like to have in:

Motherboard - Asus Rampage IV Gene X79 LGA2011
CPU - Intel Core i7-3770K
GPU - Nvidia GTX690
RAM - 16gb ddr3
Storage - 1TB Western Digital Black Edition

a few questions given that:

1. if there's no GTX690 available, is there a graphics card that i can use in an SLI configuration to get similar performance other than through 2 GTX680's (cheaper)?

2. what kind of power supply will i need to power all of these components? the biggest capacity we have here is 1250W

3. what kind of cooling system will i need? i have a cooler master housing with 6 fans. will i need anything else? i'd prefer not to use liquid cooling and the like

ideally i'd like this machine to last me for the next 10 years or so, which makes things like cooling very important. it doesn't need to be able to play the latest games at the highest quality 5-10 years from now but i'd at least like everything to still be running the way it's supposed to. hehe

appreciate any advice :)
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  1. First of all your CPU is a lga1155 socket and your motherboard is a lga2011 socket. (NOT COMPATIBLE)

    Get a psu from antec, xfx, corsair, seasonic.

    A gtx690 is just 2 gtx680's.
  2. ah. didn't notice the socket. what motherboard would you recommend for the components i mentioned?

    for the psu, what spec is needed is 1250W enough to power an i7-3770 and 2 gtx680's?

    what about cooling?
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