How good will this system be?

Note, I have no idea if this is where it belongs, but here I go.

Starting to build a PC, and just wondering how fair these parts will do in the gaming world.

Starting off with a Gtx660ti GPU.

Upgrading my mobo/cpu afterwards to this:

After that, purchasing an EVGA 750w psu, This specifically:

Then getting a 2nd 660ti.

The monitor im going for is just a single 1080p HDMI. Is this a decent gaming rig?
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  1. For a single 1080p monitor, dual 660 Ti is not worth it. I'd just get a single GTX670 which can run anything perfectly at 1080p. You'd only need about a 500-600W PSU with that single card, too.

    MB+CPU look great.
  2. Well the thing is, i already have one gtx660ti. So i might as well, right? I just wanna know how good it is overall <3
  3. You could. I'd sell it on ebay and buy a single GTX670 or GTX680 if it were me.

    Crossfire 660 Ti should be extremely powerful, yes, but also use more power and be a bit more finicky.
  4. Well, I was going to buy a higher watt psu, since my current one barely handles my current gtx anyway. Also, it would be more "future" proof for me xD

    What do you mean by finicky? o.o
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