Computer build. $700 with Monitor

what specs do u thing. I am going mostly basics stuff. i would like to do some photo editing. and i would like and ssd for a boot drive. i would like to spend as little as possibly but i can spend more then $700 if need.
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  1. You get get the FX 6300 for the same price as the i3. Vishera is alot better than previous generation FX cpu's. Since your not gaming it would probably be the better choice for multitasking and photo editing etc..
  2. ^^
    but he isnt buying a discrete GPU so he needs one with iGPU. So the i3. But he can go for AMD APU. one of the higher end models aswell
  3. AMD APU A10 is best for that kind a system in my opinion.
  4. but as you can see in the link below, the 3220 does beat the A10 in most tests...
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