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High End Gaming Build

Approximate Purchase Date: Sometime in mid-February

Budget Range: Up to $2,500, but wouldn't mind staying under $2,000.

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, streaming movies

Are you buying a monitor: Yes, but I already have: I run two monitors, and my other is quite a bit smaller and does not run the same resolution. Something similar to the ASUS would be nice.

Parts to Upgrade: Everything. See further comments below.

Do you need to buy OS: Yes, likely Windows 7 Ultimate

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Newegg or Amazon

Location: Fayetteville, AR

Parts Preferences: Intel CPU, nVidia graphics (MSI or EVGA are preferred manufacturers), MSI or Gigabyte motherboard (whatever is recommended)

Overclocking: Yes

SLI or Crossfire: I would prefer not to if I can get the same performance from a single GPU.

Your Monitor Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Additional Comments: I recently installed a cheap closed loop water cooler on my existing PC. It doesn't cool any better (or worse), but I like the extra room it created inside my mid tower case. Are these viable options compared to some of the larger heat sinks?

I would also like something quiet, because loud fans really drive me insane.

Also, I currently use a mid tower case, but I'm not impressed with the cable management capabilities. Are there any decent mid towers with great cable management options, or would I have to upgrade to the full tower for that? I also wouldn't mind something that offers insertable hard disk drive bays and spray-painted backplates.

I've also considered going with a high end gaming laptop, for the portability since I travel a lot for work. MSI offers builds that support 4G GPUs and Core i7 processors. Do you think I could get similar performance from one of these laptops as I would get from a high end desktop?

And Most Importantly, Why Are You Upgrading: My existing build runs the i5-2500k and a 1GB GTX 560 Ti GPU. I would prefer to upgrade to a high end system so that I can replace PARTS instead of SYSTEMS in the future.
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  1. what are the features of win 7 ultimate you plan to use that are not available in 7 home oem 64 bit ?
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    If your gaming on a single 1080p monitor i would get a 660ti or 7950. If you want a 1440p monitor id get a 7950 ghz or gtx 670 ftw. But my build plays on a 1600p monitor and cost $2000 and that includes gaming mouse keyboard the monitor and all pc parts. It uses 7970 ghz and an i5 3570k and an evo cooler and everything overclocked with the option to add a second 7970ghz ed in the future. The his radeon 7970 ghz edition x2 iceq turbo is the best performance for the money in 7970s id say. It basically matches the lightning2 and matrix but is $70 cheaper and has a dual dvi port for tge ebay korean 1600p monitor
  3. Outlander_04 said:
    what are the features of win 7 ultimate you plan to use that are not available in 7 home oem 64 bit ?

    Good question. On second thought, I think Windows 7 Professional should be sufficient. My understanding is that you can't run more than 16GB of RAM on Home Premium without violating the EULA. While I initially plan to use only 16GB of RAM, the option to expand to 32GB would be nice. I've considered having a RAM drive to run some of my programs like Excel with PowerPivot (which I use a lot for work).

    ltbenjamin, I would be gaming on a single 1080p, with a secondary 1080p to run other programs (not games, but mostly web browser, music player, etc.). Although I have been known to run multiple instances of World of Warcraft on dual monitors, and being able to do that at higher settings would be nice. Also, I'd prefer to stick to nVidia. Nothing against Radeon, but nVidia has never disappointed me and I have no reason to switch.

    Here is my initial take at what I'd like this machine to look like:

    My primary concerns are whether or not that case is optimal for airflow, if the water cooler will be sufficient, if the PSU will be enough for future upgrades, and if that motherboard is the best option (I don't know much about motherboards). Also, I have no idea if all of these parts are even compatible...I just selected the best rated items in each category within my price range. I'm certainly open to suggestions/better deals.
  4. Also, I don't use surround sound because I live in an apartment and it would be rude to blast noise, so I'm not sure if I should consider a sound card. I know the onboard sound will be sufficient, but is there any benefit to a discrete sound card if you're not going surround?

    That being said, if I decide to buy a house in the coming months, surround sound is a given. Will I have room for a discrete card with this motherboard and/or case?
  5. Gtx 660 ftw. And u dont need $2000 or a water cooler bcuz u dont need to overclock. Unless u running other programs like video editing. With 64bit windows oem u can use all the ram. Also u dont need morr than 6-8gb of ram
  6. Id change the i7 to an i5 3570(k) the "k" only if u overclock. And change the ram to 8gb of cas 9. Faster and more ram than that isnt worth the almost unrecordable increase in performance ram gives u. Also a 660ti would be the most u need. The case could be a cheaper one but thats up to u
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