MSI GeForce GTX 650 Ti Hawk - no reviews?

I'm looking to buy a new PC this Christmas, and am considering the MSI GeForce GTX 650 Ti Hawk 1 GB (OC). However, I can't find any reviews of this graphic card. It was released in October so is that too recent for it to be reviewed?

FYI, I am deciding between this and Sapphire's HD7850 1 GB (OC). Which would you recommend? The MSI is slightly more expensive.
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  1. If the 650 ti hawk is more expensive, then get the 7850 1GB, cause it's better overall by a significant margin and it's cheaper.
    The msi 650 ti hawk will have about the same performance as the msi 650 ti pe :

    The 7850 is better by 27%.
  2. the 7850 is generally the better card vs the 650ti. the 7850 is similar to a gtx 570, while the 650ti is closer to what a gtx 560 is.
  3. Thanks for your replies. Is there no difference between the MSI GTX 650 Ti Hawk and the MSI GTX 650 Ti Power Edition? I thought the Hawk was supposed to be an improvement.
  4. the Hawk uses the twin frozr iv cooler and has a 4+1 overclocking phase compared to the standard 650ti's 2+1 phase. its a card aimed at top performance(but part of me wants to say that the 650ti can only get so far, and is probably not worth the price premium)
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