Hi guys, the following is my current setup:

PSU: Corsair HX 650W
MB: ASRock Z68 Extreme Gen3
CPU: Intel i5-2500K dual core 3.3ghz
Ram: 2x4gb (I think, it's only reading it as 1.91 GB)
OS: Windows XP (2002) Pro SP3+
HDD: A Hitachi one 500 GB

Now here's the kicker, I recently upgraded my GPU because it was on special:

Old GPU: NVIDIA 8600GT (not sure of manufacturer)

What happened essentially was:

Old GPU was fine, couldn't play many new games, outdated etc etc but it did things smoothly (relative). Then I installed the new GPU, turned on comp, put in the installation cd etc etc. Now it looks back to normal... except startup takes considerably much longer, things spike every now and then (pop up bars hover around when its not supposed to, new windows take longer to open, programs take longer to open, etc etc etc.) Today, a new update came out: "306.81-desktop-winxp-32bit-english-whql" and well that made it even more apparent. Now when I close my chrome browser screen, my wallpaper stays as that screen sometimes. Buggy stuff like that continuously.

Any one have any ideas why and how I could solve the issue?
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  1. did you use clean install option when installing the driver? btw change your OS to 64 bit one. just asking though when you build your pc did you make fresh windows install on it or just carry the HDD from old build (with OS intact) into your new build?
  2. Same everything, clean install. Installed using the CD they provided with the clean install function. No hardware was changed during transition of GPU.
  3. it could be bad gpu. or conflict with the OS itself. yours is 32bit and you're cramping 8GB of RAM into the system. with 32 bit OS you can only have 4GB of RAM on the system (and that is system RAM and gpu VRAM combined). if you have other pc to test your card then do it.
  4. I don't have another PC that I can test it to... umm. the RAM isnt an issue because my old GPU was perfectly fine running off that ram. The issue arose when the new GPU was used.
  5. where did you buy your card? if you buy it from your local shop then you can ask them to try the card for you. if the card really did have problem then ask for replacement. anyway i'm strongly recommend you to get 64 bit OS. you got very nice hardware. that excessive amount or RAM is useless unless you upgrade your OS to 64 bit one
  6. Ill see what happens. Thanks. Ill find a 64 bit OS to use this ram too anyway
  7. with the mb check that you have the newest bios installed. sometime you need updated code on the mb for new ram and video cards. check that the video card in the top video slot and the video cable on the gpu. also check that the power plug to the video card and the 4//8 pin mb cable on tight. make sure you install the newest intel chipset drivers. also use gpu-z make sure the video card is working fine. (should be 16x but pci 2.0.). in the bios make sure you turn off the onboard video and make the gpu the main video card. if you loaded that mvp software that bonds the ipgpu and gpu boot into safe mode and uninstall it. it buggy as heck.
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