Hd7850 his i7 3770 ivy low fps Help

hi i have recently bought a gaming pc but im having problems playing any newer game on high or very high i get alot of fps loss. on average on metro 2033 on high my fps will constantly skip inbetween 20-30 same with far cry and day z
when i play far cry 3 i can set some settings on high and some textures on low to be able to play but i also have to wait for the fps to pick up because when i start playing it it will lag up and loss fps realy bad


i7 3770 ivy
his hd7850 2gb
16gb 1600mhz ram
650w power supply
1tb hardrive
asus p8h77-m le mother board

i have had the graphics card replaced and ram

please help me

i realy wana play my games on ultra or very high
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  1. are u running 32 or 64 bit os
  2. 64 bit ultimate
  3. the only thing i can think of is conflicting drivers or the bios default settings are lowering the power usage how many volt should this gcard be using ?
  4. I'm having a similar problem with XFX DD 7850, and I'm even running all my games from a Crucial M4 SSD.

    how can I do what I need to do in the bios?
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