Going to build new rig. for b-day need help plz

hey guy atm i have a 550w PS with amd phenom ii x4 965 stuffed in a bestbuy bought asus PC <---not good i know only paid 300$ for it ..and also stuffed in 12gb of ddr3 mem. and added a nvida 550 ti
im was going to buy a amd 8350 fx cpu with 750w PS along with sabertooth motherbord add a 50$ case
im haveing second thoughts on getting amd now seeing alot of the benchmarks on the i5 / i7 are much better and was also reading that amd may not be focusing on higher end type cpu's for deasktops in the future really thinking on getting intell being said should i spend the lil xtra money to buy intell? im working on about 700-750$ and all im looking to get is a CPU+PS+MOTHERBORD+case ..everything else i pretty much have unless you think / know im missing something..later i will more than likely get a better GPU
if you could can suggest what would be best for this budget thx!

type of games ill be playing would be mass pvp online type games and fps and w/e i want to play along the way with no hic-ups or bottle necking..oh and plz thoughts on a GPU to add now/later
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    The 8350 is a more than capable CPU, it will definitely be able to do that job at hand.

    The Intel does beat the AMD in some games, and the AMD beats the Intel in others.
  2. yes but im seeing soo many posts everywhere saying "why get the amd 8 core" when the i5/i7 4 core is much better and soo confused :pt1cable:
    im also looking for future use and dont wanna blow my wadd on amd if games start rolling out that will nearly req. intell type cpu to play..but you guys are much smarter at this than me..i guess ill sleep on it :sleep:
  3. ok..i think ima go ahead and stick with the 8350 fx ...ill be useing the 7770 rad. gpu for about a month..what would think a good / great GPU should i start focusing on to buy next? and should i crossfire? thx!
  4. if your motherboard supports am3+ i would just get the 8350 and a gtx 670 graphics card.. it saves you money from buying a new motherboard.

    you should check this video out. this guy compares the 8350 to i5 3570k on settings that most people game on. its pretty close.
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