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I was wondering what how well a GTX 670 ($418) would perform within Skyrim which is heavily modded (High-end ENBS and Loads of texture enhancing mods) or should I spent an extra $80 for an Gigabyte GTX 670 4gb ($498) or maybe a GTX 680 ($550).

My current build:
Phenom ii x4 965 Black Edition (Upgrading to i5 3570k or i7 3770k coming April) with a Hyper 212 Evo also overclocked to 3.8ghz.
Seasonic S12 II Bronze 620w (Is that enough to power the new GPU?)
GA-870A-UD3 (Upgrading to support my new Intel CPU)
Gigabyte 5870
Thermaltake v6 BlacX

Thanks, John :D
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  1. You will run Skyrim admirably.
    620W is enough for the new build as well.

    Upgrading to i5 3570k or i7 3770k coming April

    Huh ? Intels next gen Haswell are bound to release in April. If you are forced to upgrade in April, go for a Haswell CPU.
    If all you want is a 3770k or a 3570K, you can buy one now.

    That said, a 3.8 GHZ Phenom should do you good.
  2. It HIGHLY depends on the mods. Some hd texture mods will be quite a bit demanding but if you couple those with landscape and render distance mods, it can get EXTREMELY demanding very fast. Skyrim is currently the most graphically intensive game I play and i have a 3770k with a EVGA gtx 680 superclocked. But that is just because im running 87 mods right now. It really depends on how many mods you use and which ones they are.
  3. With heavy Texture mods, and ENBS running for Skyrim, 2GB of VRAM is cutting it close.
    This is the ONLY gaming scenario where having more than 2GB of VRAM would be beneficial to the framerate.

    3GB of VRAM would be more than enough, but they only come in 2/4gb flavours.
  4. I'll be using around 50 mods or so, I think I'll go with the 2gb GTX 670 purely because I don't think I can go up to $500 anymore. Thanks the help guys XD
  5. As for Skyrim with ENBS/texture mods, i suggest a graphic card above 2GB.
    As you mentioned, Gigabyte N670OC-4GD or N680OC-4GD would be the great choice.
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