GHz noise coming out the pc

every time when i open pc case when pc is running i can feel something strange in me head, i guess its some kind of electromagnetic stuff coming out
my pc case is all metal with no plastic windows, i keep pc case closed all the time just to keep me from invisible waves
so i'm wondering does those gaming cases and some open mobo designs are safe for humans in terms of EMI?
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  1. the metal of the case is a Faraday Cage .

    Your cell phone will kill you before the computer is a problem
  2. No health problem ever has been contributed to EMI from a pc. It's probably your own mind messing with you.
  3. Also, stop opening your PC when it's on. That's just downright foolish
  4. Your PC is on the floor?
    Then chances are when you bend down to open it, your head is lower relative to the body than usual. Blood rushing to the head or something can cause headaches. Possible cause.

    Also the possibility you'v just been sitting too long, blood has pooled in the lower parts of your body and if you get up (or down) too quickly it results in a massive loss of blood pressure, causing dizziness, fatigue and your vision go white in some cases. Its called Orthostatic Hypotension.

    Or maybe some kind of Placebo Effect, your mind thinks that is what will happen so it does that.

    Basically, the computer is not sending out harmful waves. Chances are much more likely that its some oddity of the body :).
  5. i had this strange feeling with cellphones, old tvs and on roentgen and MRI scans too
    i guess its some kind of blood pressure pathology, causing some minor sensitivity to electromagnetic waves
    i'm sure its not placebo because i've made several blind test with a friend and i could feel phone near me when my friend quietly put it near me
    its nothing serious, and is kinda fun and i guess than i'll just put this case as far as cords allow and forget about it :)
    thx for replies, i just wanted to check for ideas, maybe i missed something
  6. you do understand that a mri is ridiculously more powerful in this regard than anything else youve listed? if you really had some sort of sensitivity to cell phones and pcs, an mri would leave you unconscious.

    i think its all in your head. if not, im sure darwinism has something to say about you living in the electronic age.
  7. It's in your head.
  8. It's quite possible you are a super hero here to save the planet.

    Seriously though, some people can be (or think they are) more sensitive to these things than others but there's little to suggest it will do anything to harm you.
  9. 3 words.......... tin foil hats.
  10. Omg, yous gettin' suppa powas!
  11. Stay the hell away from kryptonite , too

    just in case
  12. does a gigahertz make noises?
  13. apparently it makes a noise you cant hear because you dont have this 6th sense the op claims to have
  14. neon neophyte said:
    apparently it makes a noise you cant hear because you dont have this 6th sense the op claims to have

    "I see gigahertz people".
  15. this question was born after i've read about purposes of the pc case
    one of them was blocking electromagnetic(not a sound) noise e.g. waves from coming out
    and as i don't have much of computer tech experience i decided to ask for any known things if a pc can screw your balls with that
  16. I know the PSU and WC pumps do let off some EM waves, but I would assume not enough to be harmful.
  17. I've know people to run open test beds for years with no ill effects.
  18. Yeesh people need to take a basic course on electromagnetism.
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