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Hi there,

I am upgrading fro a 5770 to a 7850. I am hoping to see a decent increase in performance, however I worry that my cpu might hold my new gpu back. I am currently running an i5 750 on a gigabyte p55 ud2 1156 socket, stock, with 4 gigs of ram. I considered upgrading the cpu, but there doesn't seem to be any decently priced cpus available for the 1156 socket type, and I don't want to have to change the motherboard as well.

Can I still expect decent performance without having to upgrade??
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  1. The 750 is still a good CPU and with a 7850 you'll have a great set up.
  2. i5 750 is still really good cpu and even more so if you are willing to overclock.
    I might be interested in buying one if you do get another =P
  3. I would be interested in OCing, but I have no idea how to do so or where to start. I'm not interested in investing any more money to OC, but if its something as simple as software I'd be willing to give it a go.

    Thanks for the replies btw, glad to know I'll be good to go!
  4. I'm going to run a q9550 with a 7850 OC which frankly is a good match. And the q9550 is generally weaker than the i5 750. You might also want to take a look at increading your ram to 8GB
    Below are some basic guides to overclocking. I would not raise the voltages and leave them and stock and see far you can go. Also beware of temps so clean out your cpu heatsink with compressed air before you start overclocking.

  5. I upgraded from dual 5770's to dual 7850's awhile ago and have been very disappointed with the buggy 7850 drivers... and they're still buggy! The 5770's had fewer problems. I use my system for productivity (not gaming), with 5 monitors.
  6. I haven't have any issues with drivers from either side so far so lucky me
  7. I use my pc for gaming so I hope I don't have driver issues! I picked this card because of its low power consumption, as because toms hardware recommended it as the best bang for the buck!
  8. going from a 5770 to a 7850 will be a big upgrade, I went from a GTX 260 which is similar performance to a 5770 to a 7850 and I am running crappy E5400 and i still noticed a giant difference.
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