Computer starting up and shutting off constantly

My computer was working a few hours ago, we moved it now it is no longer working. We press the button and the lights for the fan turn on, and the fans start spinning for a few seconds then it turns off, and attempts to boot up a few seconds later. I unplugged my psu and started testing it by adding one thing at a time, it works fine with everything, but if I plug in the 8pin connected on my motherboard it then starts this problem.

It was working fine before, and this is a new problem, any ideas in how I could resolve this?
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  1. just sounds like a bad psu....
  2. The psu is working, as it in it starts up without anything plugged in, and works with everything but the 2x 4pin connectors plugged in.
  3. try another psu... honestly that is a pretty good sign at psu... so try another easiest way to test... and ya i know that it can have power here and there.. but it must have certain ratings on each connector
  4. Ok, I tested a different powersupply that I know works and it was having the exact same problem, so it's obviously not a psu problem. Any other ideas on howwe could diagnose or fix this problem?
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