Not sure what's wrong with my display.

Nothing will display on my monitor. It is connected to my Powercolor HD 7950 through HDMI. I've tested the HDMI cord and the monitor and they both work perfectly with other devices.
It all happened after I installed a 2nd internal hard drive. Everything went smoothly during the installation (although I did have to temporarily remove my RAM in order to fit the new hard drive in). After that, I plugged everything back in and made sure nothing was loose.
My computer seemed to boot up normally (ie, all the lights and fans were functioning) but the monitor says "HDMI NO SIGNAL" then turns to black. After that I took out my graphics card, made sure there was no dust on it or anything, and then put it back in and tried again. Still no luck.
I still figured it was a problem with the graphics card at first so I went down to Future Shop and bought a new cheap graphics card. After replacing my old one with the cheap one I was still left with the exact same problem. I am currently at a lose of how to proceed. I would like to believe that it's not my graphics card that is causing the error, but something else.
Any help is much appreciated.
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    remove all hdds.Install u r ram. change cmos battery its just cheap.try in old graphics card.then try in new one.remove both gpus if the board has inbuild hdmi plug moniter in that then try. insert gpu in other slot x8 or x4 then try. if all not works try changing ram to new one or test in other system u r ram is working or not. if all failed then u get same issue u r mobo is problem.change mobo or if its in warenty period contact manufacturer for replace u r mobo.
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