Is this a video card issue?

This has been an on going issue but only happens ever so often. But lately it has been occurring more often then normal.

My computer will randomly i guess crash but it crashes with like specks of yellow and blue in areas on the screen. (Pictures can be provided if needed.)

I had consulted my dad who had helped me build the PC, he suggested that it was either the power supply or the video. I had changed the power supply, and the issue had occurred once again but again not as often.

So he suggested that it was the video card that was the problem. So I am came here to ask if it may be the video that is the problem and that would be what i would have to change for the problem to stop occurring. (Photos of the issue may be provided)

Anything would be helpful. Thanks
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  1. It sounds like your video card is over heating.
  2. muted420 said:
    It sounds like your video card is over heating.

    Okay, i was thinking that as well but I wasn't entirely sure. Would there be a way that I would be able to test this to see if my video card really is over heating rather than something else?
  3. what do you use your pc for ? provide complete specifications. also state whether you have either overclocked your cpu or graphics card ? also when does this crash occur? is it when you are performing a particular task ?
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