Expand current system for Photoshop CS6

I'm looking to increase the performance on my wife's current system specifically for Photoshop CS6. I do have a low budget of around $400 so I will be focusing on those items that would give me the best "bang for the buck".

Current Setup:

Core i3-550 3.2ghz
16GB DDR3 1333
Asus -P7H55
WD Black 1TB os/programs/scratch (I haven't tweaked CS6 yet as I will be reloading the system after the upgrade).
WD Black 2TB file storage
WD Black 1TB free
Radeon HD 6850

My initial thoughts are bumping the CPU to a Core I5 3570k ($189 Microcenter)/Core I5 3470 ($149 Microcenter)
Overclocking - not necessary for me
New Mobo - Latest H77 ($80-100)
Possibly getting a 120-128GB SSD for the scratch disk ($100-$115).
Looking at utilize the current disk options (and the potential SSD) for the best performance. The question is which one to use as scratch/OS/Temp files/Working/etc.
CS6 performance settings are fairly new to me so I'm building these specs around my most recent research on several forums.

Another option might be to forgo the SSD and move to a Core i7 3770k ($229 at Microcenter).

Budget : ~$400

Thanks for the input!!
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  1. If you're not over clocking the i5 3470 would be your best bet.

    An SSD would be a good improvement to the system.

    Mobo, 3470 and SSD as you've suggested would be my pick for upgrading this rig.
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