Building a new computer. Have a few issues already.

Hello there, recently i've been building a new computer for a friend of mine. Roughly I spent around £450 gathering the parts;

IHAS124-04 24x SATA Black OEM
2GB GByte HD6570 GV-R657D3-2GI
1TB Hitachi HUA722010CLA330
4GB 2x2G CMX4GX3M2B2000C9 XMS3
CAIR 600W CP-9020048-UK BUILDE

For the CPU and MB I used my own parts, an i5 2500k and a Gigabyte 1155 socket board. The problem I kept experiencing at the start was that when I went to turn the computer on by the power switch on the front of the shell the computer would run for about 4-6 seconds before restarting. I tried waiting a few attempts to see if it would at least reach the bios screen but with no such luck.

I then went to see if I had missed anything out, or had plugged something in in the wrong place. After that not working, I decided to try the PSU on my own computer, and it worked fine. Then today I went to try and have a look at the computer again, after removing the CPU, reapplying the thermal paste, and connecting the CPU fan, I gave it a shot, flipping the PSU switch it decided to start up itself, and now the front power button wont even work. (I've plugged in the switch connectors, along with the reset connector). Nothing works. The fans are running but nothing appears on the screen.

Have I badly missed something out? I'm blaming the problem on either the PSU or the Motherboard. Any help?
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  1. Have a run through the troubleshooting thread and post back.
  2. if you replaced the psu and it worked the problem was obviously the psu =P
  3. neon neophyte said:
    if you replaced the psu and it worked the problem was obviously the psu =P

    I used the PSU on my own computer. So I don't think it's entirely down to that. I've read through the troubleshooting guide and o'm almost 100% sure I've done everything right. The PSU runs itself when I plug it in, is there a way to reset it?
  4. I got the PC to start running from the power button again, I had a usb connector in the wrong place. However, still back to the 6 second run time then restart. Anyone else ever experience this problem? Just about to buy a new Motherboard.
  5. Ugh, was the USB in a firewire port? I have heard this can damage the MOBO.
  6. No, no. The connector was in another usb port. There seems to be three at the bottom of the motherboard. I've got it in the middle one for now, and the computer is turning on. I've taken out the reset switch to see if it's shorting, but doesn't seem to be the issue.
  7. Have you tried clearing the MB's Bios? I've have similar symptoms in the past that were resolved by pulling the MB battery, or using jumpers to clear the bios.

    There may be a short in the case's switch circuit board, unlikely but a possibility.
  8. Yeah, tried taking out the MB battery, no luck with that either. Thinking about trying the kit in my own computer. I've been given the go ahead to order a new motherboard, but i'm really worried that it wont solve the problem. And i'm not sure about return policy's on eBay.
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