PowerColor HD6950 display issues

Monitor - Dynex DX-26LCD-09
Card - PowerColor HD6950 2GB GDDR5 (AX6950 2GBD5-2DH)
Adapter - Belkin Mini DisplayPort to HDMI
Cord - Generic

The HDMI port on the card seems to be too small to fit a normal HDMI, is it supposed to be a female?
The adapter for Mini DisplayPort registers a no signal on the HDMI channel, how can I change that?
Preferably would like to use the HDMI for ease of use, but if Mini DisplayPort is better quality would like help with fixing no signal message.

P.S. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Does you card not have DVI? Strange. Anyways, the HDMI might be a mini-HDMI. And yes, ALL ports on video card are female.
  2. It has DVI which is what I'm using currently, but I'd like to upgrade to something with higher output. The HDMI end will enter the socket, but won't lock in, if I switch to a mini-HDMI would it be just slightly smaller? And sorry that was a stupid question, didn't read it out before I posted, really frustrated currently.
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