SLI 680's is causing negative performance? Help!

Just added my second video card, I now have 2 GTX 680's on my Sabertooth 990FX motherboard. For some reason, Almost every game I'm playing seems choppy, not even noticing a slight performance gain. I do have an Nvidia surround display ( 3 monitors ) so that's why I got the second card. Games like Skyrim, Farcry 3, Hawken, Crysis 2, and a few more are just running like crap. I've checked and the CPU isn't bottlenecking, SLI is definitely enabled in the Nvidia control panel. Not sure what else to say, I just spent 535 dollars on a second video card and it's not helping at all...

Any help is greatly appreciated

-Chase :pfff:
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  1. Uninstall then Reinstall the nvidia drivers.
    See if that helps.
  2. 1-try running benchmarks like 3Dmark with sli enabled and disabled , see if there is any difference in ur score

    2-Whats ur PSU ?
  3. Already did a clean install for the drivers and I have a 850 Watt Corsair PSU 80 plus bronze
  4. Guess I was wrong, I guess I was just expecting a bigger performance gain from the cards. Here are the scores.
    SLI enabled: 18116
    SLI disabled: 9872

    Would the performance gain be much different if I was using PCI express 3.0 instead of 2.0's?
  5. so you were using AMD new FX series processor. did you run it with stock clock or already overclock it?
  6. u gained nearly 90% Performance , so i think its safe to assume that ur SLi is working quite fine .

    no u would get absolutely nothing from an upgrade to PCie 3.0
    have 2 680 Sli PCie 3.0 with a 3770K and our graphics score are nearly the same
  7. Just figured out they didn't have an SLI profile for far cry 3, beta drivers fixed that. However sometimes when I start up the machine one of the 4 monitors connected will say display not supported... It's completely random and happens with different inputs and different cables... Ill also occasionally get green horizontal lines going through one of the monitors. Restarting the machine fixes this usually. Still inclined to think I have a bad card
  8. "Green Horizontal Lines" are something to worry about ...
  9. Was a bad dvi cable, replaced it yesterday. Also exchanged my second 680 that was a PNY card. For the msi 680 with the dual fan design. Should I get the sabertooth z77 motherboard or is it worth the extra cash to grab a republic of gamers mobo?
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