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Hey guys I currently have a gtx 460 768mb graphics card but am going to buy an MSI GTX 660ti Power Edition. I was wondering would it be a good idea to use the 460 as a dedicated physx card? I'm planning on buying a new psu too im looking at the Seasonic G series 550w or 650w from what Ive been reading its a top notch. either that or the Silverstone strider 600w. would the 550w be enough to power them or would I need to go for the 650?
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  1. I would go with it, but there are not too many games with Physx out there.
    Of course your 460 will be idle most of the time. I would toss it and just go straight up 660ti.
  2. arn't there like 100 games missing from that list? I thought battlefield 3 used physx among many others
  3. BF3 does not, sorry.
    Here's an official list as well.
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