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Sapphire HD 6670, VisionTek 450w, and HP Slimline s5-1020. Help?

So, I can't remember how long ago it was, I got an HP Slimline s5-1020 as an Ill Informed Desperation Replacement for my dead Laptop. It works fine for what it is, except for one problem.

I like video games. It runs some of them fine on low settings, but I'm tired of being completely locked out of video games because the wimpy integrated graphics on the motherboard choke on anything more than the minimum settings.

Specifically, I'd like to be able to run The Secret World. Not well. I'm not looking for amazing graphics. Just enough so I can run it on middling settings at a reasonable FPS.

So I need a NVIDIA 8800 SERIES 512 VRAM/RADEON HD3850 512MB or better just to run the thing, and it has to be low profile.

...Now. In order to accomplish this, I need to somehow upgrade my power supply, because the dinky one in the case isn't going to cut it. I've had a hard time finding a good replacement.

So, I was considering the following:

Ripping out the Optical Drive and replacing it with this dedicated VisionTek 450w PSU

Then using that to power this Sapphire HD 6670 Low Profile Graphics Card.

Theoretically, the dedicated PSU would be more than enough to power that card, which is the best one that I can find that will fit.

In practice, however, I'm a bit more concerned.

First of all, I have no idea if that PSU will even fit. It should, but I can't be sure.

The second issue is if it'll actually work. I've got the stock s5-1020 PSU, which I believe is 120w. In order for that to work, I believe I need to directly connect it to both the stock PSU and the graphics card. I don't know if I can do that with a stock PSU and the Sapphire. If I can, great!

...If I can't. I'll have to locate and purchase a new PSU capable of supporting that card. I'm not sure where to look for that one.

I'm hoping you can help me out here. My old MMO folded last month and a large portion of the community is migrating to games I can't run. I don't know if I can afford an entire new rig right now. Will this work?
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  1. Man dude that slimline sucks.
    I looked at HP's website and looks like ur SOL.
    What I would prolly do is take the old PSU out and stick the new PSU behind the case or on the side of the case and run the wires from the new PSU into the case via the hole where ur old PSU was. You don't have the room in your little DVD bay either.
    Either that or save money for a $20 case from ur local computer shop and take all the components out of the slimd**k and stick them in a manly man case.
  2. So, apparently that could work, assuming I find a case with micro ATX support.
    I don't know how easy it'll be to transfer the components. Is there a guide somewhere? It would be my first time doing major computer work, and I want to do it right.
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    Most cases will work with your micro. It's just a matter of moving around the little metal mounting screw in tabs on the motherboard mounting plate. Or as an alternative you can just drill the hole(s) if you find one missing. But it should work regardless.

    Anyways, it's easy to transfer the hardware. Since it's ur first time, find a non-magnetic screwdriver, and have a nice clean table space to work with. A wooden table/board whatever works best. Ur trying to avoid static electricity in that way. A garage or kitchen would be even better as the concrete floor would be uncarpeted.

    Once ur ready take out the hard drive and dvd player, should be a total of 4 screws for each, with 2 on each side. But HP might have some weird mounting system on yours so look around for a picture somewhere in your case that shows how to pull those out.

    After that, pull all the cables off the motherboard. Take a general note of where each one goes. You don't have to be perfect as each cable is foolproof: If it doesn't belong in a certain plug, then it won't plug in.

    Finally, it's a simple matter of pulling a few screws off the motherboard and your done. This is where a steady hand is a must. Don't push down hard, you don't want to damage the motherboard by slippling the screwdriver and plowing it into a circuit.

    And thats it. Do the reverse when you want to put all the components back in and ur done.

    Easy peasy.
  4. Alright. Doesn't sound too hard. Thank you!
  5. CubeB said:
    Alright. Doesn't sound too hard. Thank you!

    Definitely not too hard to do , and a much better idea than adding a gpu only power supply for the 6670, a graphics card that doesn't require external power
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