Are these components good for a cheap new build?

im building a computer and do not want to spend over 500 pounds. These are the components im going to buy, do you think that they are a good build and will be able to work and perform on high end games.

intel core i3 3220
sapphire radeon hd 7850 oc edition 2gb
8gb ram corsair vengeance
western digital caviar blue 500gb
Asus p8z77-v lx
corsair 500w power supply
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  1. Get an H77 motherboard if you're not overclocking and then use the difference to upgrade your GPU to a 7870 GHz edition otherwise that looks pretty good. Also make sure the Vengeance RAM is low profile.
  2. I would also switch to the Seagate Barracuda instead of the WD Caviar Blue, because the Barracuda outperforms the Caviar Blue by about 10%.
  3. Quote:
    The Caviar Black outperforms the Barracuda and the Caviar Blue.

    Yes the Caviar Black does outperform the Barracuda but its about 15$ more expensive. While the Caviar Blue and the Barracuda are about the same price.
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