Should i overclock my Gigabyte GTX 560ti?

Gigabyte GTX 560ti, is it worth an oc? What program should i use, or should i just use MSI afterburner?

Rest of my specs are

oced i5 3570k, giabyte GA udh3, 700watt ultra sli psu, 2133mhz g skill ram.

right now it sits @

900 core clock and 2004mhz memory. I want to give it a little boost, it has two stock cooling fans with pretty good heat sinks.

What do yall think? What numbers should i set this card @, which would be a safe overclock.
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  1. Definitely Overclock your GPU.

    Whats your GPU Temp now?

    OC it till it stays below 70, while playing games.
    Also ensure your fans are running near 90% when playing.
  2. dude this card is supposed to overclock well...just keep an eye on the temperature...
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