How is my build>?>?????? Thanks

Here is my build: Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H Motherboard
Silencer MKIII 600 Watt PSU
Intel i5-3570k
Kingston HyperX DDR3 1600
Toshiba 1TB Hard Drive
Case: Azza Solano 100R

How is everything, what I really want to know is how is my RAM? And how is my Graphics Card?? And comments on my other parts are good too. This is definitely a gaming build. Thanks all
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  1. ur specs are fine
  2. Alright thanks how will it handle games like crysis 3 all the way up??
  3. Can't really tell you how it will run a game that hasn't been released yet. But if the hype its true it will bring your system to its knees even with a GTX 680.
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  5. How will it play games like Metro 2033??
  6. I dont like it when people throw their specs out there and then ask how good their system is, really annoying :(
    If you want to know how it will run then go out and get the game. When you spent 400$ on a video card you really don't need to ask
    how good it is.
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