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hi guys

iam connected to 12Mbps speed , cables internet

using a router that connected to the modem.

the router is being used for wired connection (PC's NIC) & wirelssely for notebooks, phones etc....

the router is "tp-links TL-WR541G 54Mbps eXtended Range™ Wireless Router "

here is a link:

is this router meant\can to handle 12mbps+ connection?

do you advice to upgrade to other router/?

if iam using it for wireless connection should i get the fully speed of 12mbps connection?
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  1. Yes, your router is physically able to handle those speed and today's modern routers have more bandwidths that you know what to do with but i do think you could get a nice 300 Mbps 802.11b/g/n router like here:
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