Want suggestions on my of build

Intel i5 3570k LGA 1155
AS rock z77 extreme 4 motherboard atx LGA 1155
Zotac gTX 660 2gb
CPU cooler(hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM )
Power supply(XFX pro series 750W 80 plus certified atx12v/EPS12v)
Corsair vengeance ddr3 (8GB*1)
HDD (Seagate 1tb)
Optical drive (lite on iHAS )
Moniter (suggest one with 1920*1080)
So please Give me your suggestions that is this a compatible build or not.i want system build that is equal in performance with this but I have to save money on this.
Can I get i5 2500k instead and can I decrease the power supply &is (1*8GB) or(2*4GB)is better which moniter is better for gaming at 1080*1920 settings ,I will use only one moniter for gaming so can I downgrade the graphic card or 1GB card is enough for my consideration .Does 1GB card plays all the games?.this is my first pc build any help regarding this maybe helpful for me .
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  1. personally, i wouldnt bother workaround with OCing i5 as it is already so powerful

    get 3470, regular h77 mobo

    and you can save as pocket money, or bump the GPU to 670

    *i dont really like 192-bit bus gtx 660
  2. ivy bridge has a dual channel memory controller. Get 2x4GB RAM instead of 1x8. The build looks good besides that. Asus usually has good deals on Newegg on monitors, but they change every day.
  3. Thanks for the reply ,but in India GTX 670 (500$-30000 approx)is exactly double the price of GTX660
  4. woaa a member from India, welcome to this forum :)

    in US, it is about 1,5x 660's price
  5. Thank you wanderer,so I will try to add up another 8gb ram(so I would'nt have change 4gb to 8gb but can add another in future)so I will prefer ivy bride over sandy bridge
  6. AMD radeon yes the newer the technology the higher it is the older the technology the cheaper it gets here but not as it usually been there and moreover here the demand for gaming rigs is less.
  7. And radeon AMD radeon is much costlier than the same tier nvidia card
  8. Guys plz give me more suggestions so that I can have an option to go with !i had check the price quotations here for the configurations you people give
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