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I'm planning to build first rig, and I was hoping to get some advice with it.
I'd mainly use it for.. internet, word, some video editing(no 3d), and light gaming (sc 2, LoL, WoW).

So my build looks like this:

CPU: Core i3 3220 Ivy Brdg. {$129}

RAM: G.Skill DDR3 1600 (4GB x 2) 8GB. {$49}

Fatherboard(ha): msi b75ma-e33 LGA 1155. {$59.99}

CPU COOLER: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus. {$30.99}

PSU: OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W. {$79.99}

HD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB {$79.99}

Case: Help.. I really like those see through cases.

Graphic Card: Because of the budget.. I might just deal with the integrated graphics (I know.. )
but if I really should get it, I'm thinking of SAPPHIRE Radeon 7750 1GB for 100.

Total: About $450 (excluding shipping, tax(?), Graphic Card, and case)
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  1. I would get the sapphire 7750 that is a nice into GPU. Here are some case choices:

    COOLER MASTER Elite 430 RC-430-KWN1 $49

    NZXT M59 - 001BK Black Steel ATX Mid Tower $49

  2. He's in Canada eh, don't think they have Microcenter :P.
  3. Get hd 7750 and remove that cm hyper cooler as you can't overclock that cpu and stock cooler is more than enough.
  4. Does a micro-atx mobo fit in normal atx case?
  5. So 500w will be enough to support my build?
  6. Lots of ATX cases do include the setups for a mATX board, just look in the specs, they will say if they do.
  7. Quote:
    So 500w will be enough to support my build?

    A well-designed 500w PSU, definitely. In fact, I'd suggest something like this for your build:

    Corsair CX 430W 80 PLUS Bronze Certified ATX12V Power Supply ($42.99 @ Newegg Canada)

    That'll support GPU's up to a 7850/660 without breaking a sweat, and if you'd care to buy a y adapter, it's +12v rail can support up to a 670 / 7950 if you're not running a large raid array or overlocking your system :)

  8. Thank you!
    And do I really need a CPU cooler then?
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  10. If you do not plan on OCing your CPU then you do not, however, the stock CPU cooler can get a bit noisy and they have pretty cheap coolers out there that will cut down on the noise a little more. But no, the stock cooler should be able to handle any workload on the CPU assuming it is not overclocked.
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