First Build...Motherboard recomendation??

Hey everyone,

I'm working on build my own computer (for like Crysis 2 max settings..45 fps+ for around $700)

Here's my build at the moment....(

I plan on RAID 1 the two hard drives (i experienced a complete system loss on my laptop last don't want to risk that again)(1 of the fans will go in the front...other two at the top(top two will be combined via the splitter...then they will connect to the controller)

Currently i have chosen this (

But now i'm wondering if this would be ok (

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  1. howdy,
    since you have picked two hard drives i assume you will want to do raid...if so go with z77 chipset motherboards as z75 is cheaper with less features including the raid
  2. If you're gaming, you should consider getting a different CPU first.
    I don't think i3-3220 can OC.
    And also instead of 660ti, spend like $40-50 more to get 670. They perform so much better.
  3. alvine:

    I'll be doing a software RAID 1...its fairly simple with windows 7


    the lowest i can find the 670 for is $329.99
    which is $100 more

    And same with the processor...way out of my budget..and i know it cant overclock.. hence why i dont have a cpu cooler...
  4. The only thing I'd recommend for you is a better board. Never underestimate the value of a good board. Personally, and through a recommendation from this site, I got an ASUS Sabertooth z77 board from Amazon for $250 w/shipping. It's a lot more money than you planned to pay with your choice of board, but if your going for longevity in your build, beef up your board at the least. It will keep the ability to upgrade parts later on down the road without having to worry about getting a better board.

    This is my build which I just finished getting together this past weekend.

    ASUS Sabertooth z77 motherboard
    Intel Core i5-3570 quad-core cpu
    Corsair Vengeance 16gb (2x8gb)
    GeForce GTX 650Ti
    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO cooler
    CM Storm Enforcer mid tower
    1TB WD HD
    Corsair GS800 PSU (may be a little overkill but meh)

    I got all this together for just around $900 when all was said and done including shipping.
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