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Good day all,

This is my rig:

h77m - d3h gigabyte mb
i5 3330 processor
8 gig corsair vengeance ram
Msi GTX 660 ti pe gfx card
120 gb ssd ocz drive
1 tb seagate hdd

i would like to know if anyone has a similar rig and what the optimal settings for far cry 3 would be please for this rig
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  1. If you are playing at 1920x1080 resolution you can play in "very high" with 4x anti aliasing.
    At lower resolution you can play at "ULTRA" settings.
  2. bro,
    at 1920x1080 i think very high maybe u can max out.but lower than that sure ULTRA!
  3. I had same question I'm running msi gtx 680 oc and found msaa is biggest fps influence. Run on very high but put msaa at 2 maybe ultra but turn msaa off. Fps should stay around 30
  4. I can run the game in 1800 * 900 in ultra settings no problem..... its just im getting these weird shaddows while im driving and while im walking around sometimes on the ground its like a weird triangular shaped shaddow on the floor does anyone know how to get rid of this?
  5. try new NVidia drivers.
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