6870+6850 Crossfire. (WoW Related Question..)

Sup guys,

The main game I play is WoW. However, WoW doesn't support Crossfire. I currently have 2 x 6850's in crossfire, but have been offered a 6870 for dirt cheap. Because WoW doesn't support Crossfire, if I install a 6870 will WoW run with the full power from the 6870 as WoW only supports single GPU's, or will the Crossfire bring the 6870 down to run at the same speed as the 6850 thus not being any different to what I have now?

Thanks! :sol:
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  1. WOW is not demanding anyway, i say sell your 6850 and run it with a single 6870, u will still have nice FPS
  2. Either one of those cards on stock speeds is more than enough for WOW.

    I had 2x 6850s and they were a burly combination they chewed through almost everything. AA killed them because they only had 1 gig of memory.
  3. I'm running 3 monitors, the main one being 1080p. With everything on max, WoW struggles and stutters, even with crossfire 6850's, so i can't imagine a single 6870 being better. :(
  4. well u didn't tell us THAT.
    but i still suggest a single 6870 over the CFX.
    or maybe u will have buy a new graphics card for a better multi-monitor experience
  5. Should have told you that earlier eh? Thats why I got 2 x 6850s to make the performance on the main monitor better. I think im going to Crossfire the 6870 and the 6850 together, but OC the 6850 to the stock performance on the 6870. Also OC my cpu and see if that helps.
  6. WoW is CPU bound Game. So, whats your Processor?
  7. A Phenom II x4 965 BE. Running on stock speeds atm..
  8. ^ Which is 3.4GHz.
  9. That should run fine. OC it to 4Ghz if you can. I've heard that it is good a t that frequency
  10. I've had it at 4GHz before. Will try that tonight then also. Should i do it via the bios or just use the AMD overdrive? Using the overdrive, it only lets me CPU go upto 3.9ghz. :/
  11. You'll only know the difference when you'll play the game.

    So first try on 3.4 Ghz speed. Check fps, for example you get 30fps.

    Then OC to 3.8 Ghz. Check again, will not make much difference.

    Then OC to 4Ghz. Check again.

    Also keep an eye on the temps. They shouldn't go too high.
    After this all, you can easily choose the best for you. If you find 34 good then stick to it. If not then OC.
  12. well 3.9GHz and 4Ghz are not that different.
    if u dont want to go to BIOS just use AMD's software and go to 3.9Ghz.
    by the way i suggest u do this:
    remove a 6850 and the multi-monitor and see the performance of a single 6850 in a single screen
    and tell us the results
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