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hey, i want to know can i play assassins creed 3 on high/normal settings if i have:
motherboard g41m p26
cpu dualcore e5700
2gb ram dd3
gpu hd 7770

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  1. yeah you should be fine
  2. u can Play in low settings.processor mobo ram are not enough.
  3. the parts of your pc from worst to best
    ram- 2gb is low
    cpu - mid range but not outdated yet
    gpu good for 720p
    after putting in your specs
    as u can see cpu is mid range and ram is low.
    so increasing ram is the first thing u should do.
    for your orignal question, yes midum settings is playable one 720p.
    but i say run it on low settings since there are only a few differences in low and ultra anyway
  4. I think that you can, but you really need more ram (8GB recommended) and of course a better GPU if you want the best experience in this game.
  5. I would personally be suprised if AC3 is very cpu intensive. I could be wrong though. RAM may kill you though, it's a 40$ updgrade to get 8 extra gigs, so it's pretty easy to fix.

    You may have to reduce a few features from where you want to be, such as turning AA down, dropping shadows a bit, but I would expect you could find a smooth and good looking setup (assuming 1080p, 720 would likely not pose much trouble)
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