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How is the HD 7770 in BF3?

A friend of mine wants to build a PC with a tight budget (didn't specified), and it's because he plays BF3 on a HP laptop with an HD 6490M GPU. That GPU only lets him play in the lowest resolution with everything on low and the game looks choppy as hell. So because I used to game on a 6850 I thought that the 7770 might be a nice bang for the buck if he doesn't want to play on ultra. With the HD 6850 I could play multiplayer on high settings at ~40 fps and the game felt pretty smooth. I saw the 7770 on the same tier in the Hierarchy chart so I thought maybe I should recommend him that one. That is, of course, if he doesn't want to step up to the 7850.

So what do you say, does it perform well in BF3 in med settings at least?
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  1. what resolution will he be playing on?
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    I run 1920 x 1080 on Ultra with the exception of AA and get between 45 - 75 fps and average around 53 fps or more on most maps.

    My video, specs are in the video description. Also, settings are shown at :06 seconds.
  3. See following link for benchmarks at various resolutions using ultra settings. The test rig has an i7-3770k @ 4.6GHz.
  4. alvine said:
    what resolution will he be playing on?

    He will also buy a new monitor so we don't know yet, but most likely 1920 x 1080
  5. Best answer selected by songorocosongo.nn@ish416 nice build man. you didn't waste too much money and you can play every game out there decently. Good job!
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