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Motherboard 1.0 - 2.1 card

There's benn alot of talking about 2.1 card compatibility with 1.0 motherboard.
Its known that 2.1 card can work on 1.0 mobo but some people have problems with that. 2.1 cards are yust little improvement of 2.0 cards. 2.0 slots came out in january 2007. I couldn't find much info about 2.1. People said that compatibility 1.0 mobo and 2.1 card is dependent by your last BIOS update. So i have ASUS Berkeley motherboard Intel P35/G33/G31 chipset with 1.00 PCI express x16. and Americand megatrends .... bearlake BIOS. Last BIOS update was on 27.october.2007!!!!!!!! So can I buy 2.1 card or its better to go 2.0? I was looknig on radeon HD 5xxx versions and all 5xxx cards are 2.1! TNX for replies. ( sorry for my bad english) :lol:
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  1. It's hard to say if it will definitely work. You need to find someone who has that motherboard to be able to tell you or see that someone has a PCI-e 2.1 card listed in their specs with that motherboard.
  2. For example, I know that my Abit (now out of business) IP35 Pro is compatible with a PCI-e 2.1 graphic card because someone listed their configuration with that motherboard and a Radeon HD 6870.
  3. pcie is backwards compatible, i dont know what you have read about 2.1 cards having should be more concern with your power supply and if its powerfull enough for the future upgrade than your pcie version
  4. I need yust replacement for my old 2350 which will die soon. HD 5450 will be yust right for me because it has low power consumption and I don't have so good PSU (300W but no super parts that will eat that much power) And btw you can't upgrade your Pci 16x express slot. You can only update it with BIOS... And people actually say that they have problems with 2.1 card! Check some forums and u will see!
  5. I too had the same problem before but with pcie 3.0. I saw a lot of issues in the web saying pcie 3.0 will not work especially the hd7750 since old motherboards can power it alone. Anyway, I bought the card and it worked. I guess you really have to try for you to make sure. You will have a hard time finding someone with the same mobo and same graphic card and it will give you a hard time. I also found a lot of pcie 2.1 compatibility issues on the web. And it has been an issue for a while. To be safe look for a pcie 2.0 and your best bet will be old nvidia cards and if I were you I'd get the gt 640 it has low powerconsumption and performs like hd 6670 or better. So you can still play games at 720p.
  6. Compatibility issues are so rare as to not be worth thinking about. Buy the card that suits your needs, 99.9999% chance it will work. If it doesn't, return for a refund and adjust your plans then.
  7. OK looks like it will be ok with 2.1 card.. PCIe 2.0 standard doubles the transfer rate compared with PCIe 1.0. 2.1 is equal as 2.0 in transfer rate. HD 5450 has
    12.8GB/sec. Is 1.0 motherboard going to bottleneck this card?
  8. ^ No, the card you have in mind is not fast enough to use the full transfer speed of PCI-E 1.0,there will be no bottleneck.
    The Jagdtiger used a 128 m.m. gun BTW ;) .
  9. There are PCIe 2.0 versions of HD 5450 if you're that concerned.
  10. hahhaha Yep your right about a gun :D When i was making account i want to be simple as possible. So guess there is nothing stopping me... I was thinking about this one:
    And if its possible i want to go HD 6450. But its safe to go req. 400W with 300W psu? I have Intel core 2 Duo E6550 2.33 Ghz, 2 sticks 1GB DDR2 and ( IF ) radeon HD 6540 will 300w psu be OK for this?

    I think HD 5450 is all 2.1. U have link?
  11. The HD6450 should use less power than the HD5450, but neither will be a problem with your powersupply, even under full load the HD6450 uses about as much power as a flying bee!
    That Tiger is HUGE! They have one on display at Bovington Museum here in the UK, it's like standing beside a tracked house.
  12. Lol I'm mad on WWII tanks. Specialy german ones. Yeah, I must visit bovington someday!

    My power supply isn't realy premium one. Lite-on 300W 19amps on 12V rail.
    HD 6450 requires at least 25 amp. I know about AMD's overacting about requirements to make things safer but still
  13. HD 6450 uses around 20 watts. You'll be fine.
  14. ^ Like the man says, about 20 Watts. You could run it off a AA battery!

    Have n't been there in years, if you're really into tanks, checkout their next Tankfest if you can.
  15. But is it 6450 realy worth 10 bucks more than 5450. Comparing these 2 cards 6450 and 5450 there is no difference. Only processing units 5450-80 6450-160! Is that important? Otherwise its all the same.
  16. Well, those cards aren't really meant for graphically intensive tasks, and they will both work for movies and internet.
  17. I'll needed for school.. Maybe for World of Tanks, World at war, Company of Heroes sometimes.... Strange that even MW2, MW3 worked on ATI radeon HD2350 (low settings)!! O.o
    Even if I play the game i'm used to play on low settings.

    Bovington or Kubinka tank museum... Probably i'll go visit both of em.
  18. But i still doubt about 2.1 card working in my MOBO. Last BIOS update on 27. october. 2007!! Thats a long time ago. My MIOS:

    BIOS Type: AMI
    BIOS Date: September 27th, 2007
    BIOS ID: 64-0511-000001-00101111-092707-Bearlake
    BIOS OEM: BIOS Date: 09/27/07 15:30:10 Ver: 5.11 - 5.11
    Chipset: Intel 29C0 rev 2
    SuperIO: Unknown

    I've also tried to update 2 chipsets with no luck_

    Intel(R) G33/G31/P35 Express Chipset PCI Express Root Port - 29C1
    Intel(R) G33/G31/P35 Express Chipset Processor to I/O Controller - 29C0

    I realy doubt that 2.1 card will work on my MOBO...
  19. It'll 99% work-nothing in life is certain (except Death and Taxes;)).

    BTW, I have a 5770 running an an older PCI-E 1.0 MB with a E6600 C2d CPU with no problems at all.
  20. Ok. But how about chipsets quality?
  21. Best answer
    ^ Have n't updated anything on the other MB, it's running the same BIOS and drivers it shipped with, and it's at least one generation older than yours .
  22. OK tnx for all replies! I've yust ordered graphic card and i will report if it works. TNX again to all of you!
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