Do i need graphic cards ? or one ?

I am going to build a new gaming PC and all i need to knw is ..
1)do i need two graphic cards crossfired to play the latest games with high settings? or will a single card will b enough ?
2)what graphic card do u guys prefer from the cards i am gonna buy ?
3)will amd eyefinity technology b better than nvidia cards for triple monitor gaming?
4)will i b able to play games like far-cry 3 ops 2 with satisfying fps with one graphic card or do i need two ?

i am planning to use my 3 x 42inch tvs as a triple monitor display that has 3 x 1920 x 1080 resolution which makes a 5760x1080 resolution..

Prossecor - core i5 2500k
Mother Board -asus sabertooth z77 (sli)
Ram - G.skill DDR3 1600 16GB kit
Power supply - 750w glacier

Graphics card/ card - Gtx 660 Ti / Gtx660 ti x 2
HD 7950 / HD7950 x 2 (will amd eyefinity technology b better to use for triple monitor gaming? )
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    1. dual graphics are beneficial in resolutions over 1080p and in multiple displays scenario
    2. im personally using 7970, its a good card :)
    3. theyr technologies are about the same you just have to update drivers when new games come out
    4. yes im playing far cry 3 at 1080p eerything on ultra and i get 57-67fps so a single card will do fine unless you want to play on 3 screens

    dont get the 660 Ti's for 3 tv's as they dont offer enough performance if you want nvidia you can get two gtx680's, for amd get two 7970's or 7950's
  2. For 5760x1080, it's recommended a dual gpu, a single card it's too weak for that resolution at ultra settings.
    Get two 670 gtx, they 're as good as the 680 gtx but much more cheaper.
  3. +1 for dual 670's.

    SLI is much smoother than crossfire.

    The 7000 series get's major microstutter
  4. Going to have to agree with going SLI over crossfire... You will get slightly higher FPS with crossfire and 7950/7970 but you will get smoother performance with 670/680. (Don't go anything lower than 670 for sli on multi-monitor)
  5. yeah 660ti with their gimped bus don't do well at high res
  6. There's just one only thing that worries me, the psu you have : Power supply - 750w glacier.
    For a 670 gtx sli setup, i recommend going with a 850w psu from seasonic, xfx, corsair.
  7. You can run sli 670 on a good 650w psu... Although I would recommend atleast a 750w.
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