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Hi All,

I recently purchased myself a duplicate of my primary monitor (Acer 22'' Inch X223W black) I have two DVI connections on the back of my PNY GTX 550ti 1gb graphics card. I have two dvi to VGA adapters due to the screens only taking VGA, my left screen is at max resolution as windows 7 64bit will let me go, its sharp, looks amazing. Now when i put the other monitor in, my left screen stays perfect but the right screen which is extended from the primary is all blurry and fuzzy, like the words, pictures etc have a really bad shadow, looks kind of distorted.

To double check it wasn't the monitor i used it separately on both my i7 and another i5 machine and it looks great! but soon as i put it in dual with the 550ti i get issues, can anyone help me please? :cry:
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  1. Just to add i also have the latest nvidia drivers, but it picks up my right screen as non generic pnp monitor and not as an acer x223w. Pics up the left screen just not the right
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