Can my computer run a 7770?

Hey guys thanks for looking, I hope someone can help!

This is my computer

Now the psu on there says 450w. The actual model is atx 500u. 500w max output.
But the 12v amperage is only 18. So I assume that's 216w for everything to run off?
Now the minimum requirements for the 7770 is around 20A which automatically is A no.
But looking at stress tests on an overclocked i7 which obviously uses more power, the peak topped out at 235w.

What's everyones opinion? Am I safe to use the 7770? Are my workings out even remotely correct?

If the 7770 is no good, how would I fare with a 7750? Thanks guys, need to order a card soon but I'm worried about destroying the computer.
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  1. You should be fine with a 7770, as long as your PSU meets the minimum requirements of the card, I can't see how there would be any incompatibility issues. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you're good to go.

    Best 7770 option in my opinion:
  2. Well, Ive been told (On multi rail systems) that you take the amount of wattage available on the 12V rails and divide that by 12. And you get your PSUs true amperage
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