I need advice for 1st build please

I want to be able to play GTA 4,5, Battlefield, Bad Co2, BF3, ARMA 2,3, Minecraft, CounterStrike and any upcoming games really. Preferably on ultra with nice FPS but its not the end of the world if it can't do ultra. I have no idea what goes with what, ive only been learning since the other day so i need advice, is this good or bad or just plain stupid?

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  1. Your link doesn't work, just a heads up

    What's your budget? Do you have a preference between AMD or Nvidia? Based on what you've said so far, I would suggest a Radeon HD 7870. It's one of the best price/performance cards out right now, and you can usually get it around $220-250. It'll run just about every game you throw at it at 1920x1080 while maxed out. And the card seems to get better every time new catalyst drivers come out.
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