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Random Black screens

December 13, 2012 1:56:29 PM

Ok guys i have had a hd7950 for a month now with no problems, over the last couple of weeks i started to get black screens when i was using youtube resulting in hard resets. over the last week i have had this occasionally creep into games i play.

it seems odd to me as some days i can play for 10 + hours on games with max settings ( bf for example) and have no problems at all other days ill play 1 youtube vids and pc will black screen 2-3 times in 20 mins then go back to days without any issues at all.

So far i have updated win7 , gpu drivers, motherboard drivers, java and flash. i have been using speed fan to monitor temps and they dont seem high to me ( cpu core idle 40c under prime95 stress test 60c) (gpu never goes above 55c) i can also run 3dmark stress tests with no problems at all. all voltages from PSU seem ok to me as well i have been loggin them as it blackscreens and i have seen no drops in voltages or raises in temps.

System is as follows:
Intel core 2 duo cpu E8400@ 3 ghz
8 gig kingston ram
asus P5G41t M LX mobo
asus hd 7950
a OCZ 850 gold PSU

today the blackscreen came after a 20 min idle soon as i sat down at pc and moved mouse boom black screen.

The problem doesnt seem to generate a minidump file and the only errors i can see in event viewer seem to be linked to the sudden shutdown itself rather than what caused the shutdown is there any other tools i can use that will help me identify the problem or is it time to start trying old gpus/mem/psu ?

Any help would be much appreciated is this GPU faulty? could it be damage to mobo mayb a dodgy capacitor, or mayb the cpu dying on me?

thanks in advance

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