anybody know when price of memory would drop??

man i'm still waiting for memory to drop their prices.. it's too much~~
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  1. I don't think they are going to drop. In fact, they may go up again.

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  2. yes, they are going up, and may not return to the levels we have just seen. wish they wont rise like sept'99 when they were practically 20 times of today's! e.g. 32 MB cost Rs.5000 in sept'99, whereas 128MB last month cost 650!

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  3. I'm also under the notion that they'll keep rising.

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  4. Man, I remember when the rule was a dollar per meg. We are so spoiled nowadays. I just saw an add for PC2700 256MB for $71. That calculates to about 28 cents per meg. I say buy the memory while its still as low as it is, because it looks like it is going up.
  5. Man Im with you taiwoong. Im stocking up on 256mb DDR2100 Right now. Im convinced that it will keep going up, it would be nice to not have to pay more later, and help out some friends that arent considering the price jumps that are happening.

    Might be an easy way to make a small profit aswell. Its risky though because if your wrong...... Youll feel like all the stock brokers have over the past couple of months. h
  6. Mate, I remember when HARD DRIVES were a dollar a meg. Those were the days.

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  7. Heh, yeah I was looking to upgrade my 40 MB HD in 1993 and a 500 MB HD went for about $600! When I bought my new computer in 1995, 8 MB was the standard. I wanted 16 MB and I was debating between buying a machine with 16 MB or one with 8 and adding an additional 8 MB of RAM for about $350.
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