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Hello all. Please help, my patience is wearing very thin !!!!

I have recently purchased an HP Photosmart 5510 all in one printer and I have successfully printed from my laptop computer - no issues and everything is fine.

However my own main house desktop computer is a different matter all together. For some reason this computer will not recognize the printer at all, but does show it in the devices and printers page.

When I use the "cmd" screen and ping the printer IP address it is all OK - sends and receives 4 packets.
When I enter the IP address in my browser it will not show anything. I can connect to the internet fine on this computer and do wirelessly through a netgear dongle.

I am running Windows 7 64 bit on both machines. I have tried disabling avast and windows firewall - all with no joy. My guess is the issue is with the PC and some piece of software is stopping the communication but I'm damned if I can find it or know how to.

IS there anyone who can help

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  1. Did you assign the printer either a static or reserved dynamic address in the router? Windows can be a bit quirky about printers with dynamic addresses.

    Take a look in the problem computer network control panel/advanced setting and insure that printer and file sharing and network discovery are turned on and that password protection is off.
  2. I have done this and still no joy- thanks for the advice though
  3. As a next step, I would uninstall the printer on the problem machine and reinstall it using a new download of the driver from HP.
  4. thanks again but tried that and still no joy
  5. Did you initially set it up on the desktop by making a usb attachment, installing printer, and then moving it to its wireless printing location?
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